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Open Mic Review - The Wild Goose in Woodside, Queens

Image of a duo playing at The Wild Goose

UPDATE: This mic has moved to Alewife!

54-20 Roosevelt Ave.

Queens, NY

Mondays @ 8

Food: No

Bar: Yes

In a word: Community

Format: At least 3 songs

The Wild Goose is my go-to mic to practice for my shows, try out new material, and see familiar faces. One of the three mics put on by the Astoria Music Collective, The Songwriter's Mic attracts a variety of talent.

Most performers are acoustic singer songwriters like me. We do get the occasional pop star, R&B singer, or rapper, and they can accommodate a backing track from your phone. On a rare occasion, we get a comedian, but they've never been any good.

The regulars, myself included, all know each other, and regularly recommend other mics, tell each other about upcoming shows, and generally catch up with each other. If you're looking for undivided attention, you may find it, but expect there to be some conversations happening at the bar in the back of the room.

This is a really good mic for first timers and people trying out new material. You'll find a welcoming audience that will always give you applause.

Most nights, everyone gets to perform three songs. I'm not sure how long they let the comedians go for but it always feels too long. If the list is short, they will bump up the number of songs you get. I have played six songs on at least two occasions.

It might not be the best for promotion as the audience is usually small (though sometimes there is a huge crowd, but don't count on it), but it's definitely my favorite mic.


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