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Jester of No Court at Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar


Jester of No Court

About Jester of No Court

Jester of No Court is an elusive fable who riddles the world with anarchist folk punk from his burrow in Jersey City. Like all great mythical creatures, the story of the Jester begins in the embattled lands of New Jersey. He came from humble beginnings - his father was a riddle and his mother was an Oxford comma - but by five years old he had already cane-slapped the Jersey devil for acting like a cop.


By sixth grade, the Jester was applying makeup on his own. In ninth grade, the Jester accidentally wrote a poem that summoned a demon to live in his nose. He tried every allergy medication to no avail. The demon has since moved out and made a name for herself as the chief financial officer of a small haunting corporation. 


Throughout his twenties the Jester kept healthy with a diet of drugs and magic spells that made him age sideways. (Aging sideways is like Benjamin Button disease, but sideways instead of backward.) He has a body fat score of negative thirty-six and an IQ of error division by zero. He’s eating a riot sandwich and has a tub full of ghosts.

Jester of No Court at Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar

His latest album “Reduce the Size of Government” totally sucks ass and might be illegal. If you choose to listen to it, pour some kerosene in your ears and set them suckers alight so you have a good alibi for the pigs. If any government agents are reading this communication, you definitely can’t listen to the album at, so please don’t look there.

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