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Open Mic Review - The Coffee House in Edison

A mother playing a guitar is accompanied by her daughter who has her own microphone

931 Amboy Ave.

Edison, NJ

2nd Tuesday of the Month @ 7

Food: Yes

Bar: No

In a word: Wholesome

Format: 3 songs

No fucking swearing. I was told this after my set unfortunately. This mic, when weather permits, is held on the front patio of The Coffee House. That's why no swearing.

If you want to go to this mic, be sure to follow the Instagram or Facebook so you can get the link to sign up in advance. I did not know about the link and almost ended up not being able to play. Instead, I went second to last. They made it sound like there was a possibility I wouldn't play.

My act got mixed reactions. I definitely didn't fit in with the indie folk and unorthodox cover vibe everyone else had going on. Even though I don't remember seeing a single family, there was a definite family friendly vibe. Like you could probably bring a toddler to this mic (and bring them across the street for ice cream).

They also have a good peppermint mocha if that's a thing you're interested in.


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