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Open Mic Review - Starr Bar in Bushwick

A performer at Starr Bar's open mic

214 Starr Street

Brooklyn, NY

Mondays @ 7pm sign up at 6:30pm

Food: Sometimes

Bar: Yes

In a word: Stardom

Format: 2 songs of 5 minutes each, 2 poems, or 5 minutes for comedy

Starr Bar's mic was one of the first I was going to, and I would actually shift my work schedule in order to make it in time. Making it in time is key because the list fills up quick.

The mic took a brief hiatus for a few months, but made its reemergence in August 2023 with slightly different programming.

Prior to the hiatus, the mic would sometimes stretch until midnight with the format changing to one song after 10 or 11 depending on the length of the list.

Now they promise karaoke to follow at 9, but I didn't stick around since the switch to find out how they manage it.

If you don't know Starr Bar, it has a reputation as a lefty bar. That said, I'm usually one of the few political acts that play there.

The mic attracts a large number of pop singers, rappers, and producers. There's rarely a full band, but they do have amps, a keyboard, and a full drum kit if any or all of those are your thing.


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