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Open Mic Review - Metropolitan Bar in Williamsburg

Guitar duo playing at the Gender Experts Party

559 Lorimer St.

Brooklyn, NY

Tuesdays @ 7 except 3rd Tuesday

Food: Yes

Bar: Yes

In a word: Gay

Format: 5 minutes

The Gender Experts Party is a trans and nonbinary mic, and it is degenerate as hell. They said my bigender ass could perform even though I'm usually in boy mode (I'm lazy).

Everyone is so hype on the trans and nonbinary atmosphere that people are genuinely stoked for every act. You will be held to a strict 5 minutes (they flash the track lights after 4), but you can do whatever you want. And people really do do whatever they want. I was one of the few singer songwriters on the night I performed.

The stage is fairly small, and there's a barrier around it, so if your act involves audience interaction or seeing anything below the waist, it might be difficult.

It really does seem like people come to this mic primarily to cheer on trans and nonbinary folx. There were definitely way more audience members than performers, and people seem to roll in groups there. Honestly, I'm not sure I would have gotten a (good) seat had I not shown up an hour early.

If you're trans or nonbinary, this is a great mic to attend, particularly if you have an upcoming performance to promote. If you're not, well there are other mics to attend.


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