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Open Mic Review - Finnegan's Pub in Hoboken

A three piece band playing at Finnegan's Pub

734 Willow Ave.

Hoboken, NJ

Sundays @ 7

Food: Yes

Bar: Yes

In a word: Community

Format: 3 songs

This is one of my favorite mics, and when you get there, you'll get the sense that a lot of people feel the same way.

There are always skilled musicians and a warm welcome for players at all levels. There's a solid mix of originals and covers as well as regulars and newcomers.

The mic is run by Darryl (@darrylwho on Instagram) who always opens the mic with a few tunes on the house guitar, usually covers. Sometimes, one of the regulars will join him during his set on vocals, maybe on the house drum kit.

Despite the three song format, it doesn't feel like the mic drags on at all. There's usually a pretty good crowd, though they are liable to circulate between the stage and the bar.

The bar does keep a livestream of the stage running on a TV at the bar during the mic, but don't make it a habit to watch from there, right?

Worth the trip to Hoboken from almost anywhere.


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