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Open Mic Review - Brass Rail Pub 2 in Cliffside Park

A band plays at Brass Rail Pub 2

339 Palisade Ave.

Cliffside Park, NJ

Every other Tuesday @ 8

Food: Yes

Bar: Yes

In a word: Familiar

Format: Three songs/two songs after a few acts

Known online as simply The Tuesday Open Mic, the mic at The Brass Rail Pub 2 consistently draws a crowd. Located in the southern end of Bergen County, this mic draws a lot of the same crowd as the mics in Hudson County, though this crowd tends to be a little older than the people who show up for the Finnegan's mic.

The stage is a cleared area towards the front of the bar. Equipment includes a PA with monitors and a drum kit. The night usually begins with a little jam from a duo of guys whose names I never got.

Although most of the performers are musicians, you can catch the occasional poet at the Tuesday mic. If you find yourself playing a show in Hudson, Bergen, or Essex county, this is definitely a good spot for promo.


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