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Open Mic Review - JC Instrumental in Jersey City

An acoustic guitarist plays at the mic while Ben plays bass in the background and another man plays electric guitar in the foreground

3244 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Jersey City, NJ

Tuesdays @ 8

Food: No

Bar: No

In a word: Workshop

Format: Informal

The first thing you must know about JC Instrumental is that it is small. Like “seating for no more than 10 people” small. That said, Ben–the owner of JC Instrumental–brings out his fair share of local musicians to his mic. On any given Tuesday, you might meet members of prominent Hudson County bands as well as people just starting out on their instruments.

Because the mic is so small, there is no formal sign up or formal anything. Mics and instruments are plugged into the same mini amp. There’s not really a stage. It really is about the community, not the applause.

This mic is good if you’re nervous about performing, you want to try out new material, or any other reason you might want to play to a small audience.


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