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4 Nu Metal Bands That Deserve a Second Wind

Collage of album covers with Kittie's Spit, Ill Niño's Revolution Revolución, Otep's House of Secrets, and Soulfly's Primitive

I’m not super into nu metal, but honestly I say that about most genres. My music tastes are pretty eclectic, and I’m drawn to talent and originality regardless of genre.

Nu metal was fairly popular with my circle of friends when I was in middle and high school, and given how shameful it was back then to declare yourself a fan of the genre, it’s super weird to see the younger generation proudly proclaiming their love for nu metal.

A lot of the bigger bands like Slipknot, Disturbed, and Evanescence have stuck around, while some of the smaller bands have mostly been forgotten. BUT THOSE WERE THE BEST BANDS! I wrote this post to try to resurrect some of these awesome bands that I feel haven’t really gotten their due.


I used to like this band ironically since their debut album Spit until I went to see them in concert in 2011, and THEY ABSOLUTELY KICKED ASS. Although they have come far stylistically since that first album, I still love it for its unbridled rage (mostly at creepy men).

This four piece all female band from Canada got their start when they were still teenagers in high school. The two sisters in the band, Mercedes and Morgan Lander have remained constants while the second guitarist and bassist slots have been in near constant flux.

Nowadays, they’re closer to death metal than nu metal, featuring shredding solos and more intricate riffs, but Spit still holds up, especially lyrically.

Ill Nino

This North Jersey based band comprised of several heavy hitters in the metal scene made a name for themselves as a six piece. Although they received a lukewarm reception in the music press, I think their Spanglish lyrics and overproduction set them apart from the rest of the nu metal scene.


This female fronted band made an impression on me for not only being extremely heavy, but also deeply political. I first found out about them from the single Warhead off their second album House of Secrets.

Unlike a lot of players in the nu metal scene, they experimented a lot musically, and you can expect their songs to feel almost like hardcore or grindcore in how they abruptly change from section to section.


Like Kittie, this band has evolved in its sound, but in the early days, these guys were squarely in the nu metal scene. Formed by Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera, this band incorporates elements of Brazilian tribal music and spirituality into their oeuvre.

Honorable Mentions

There are obviously way more bands to list here. Some standouts include Skindred, Cold, and Motograter.


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