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Jester of No Court at Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar

Jester of No Court

Terror Folk from Jersey City

Who Is Jester of No Court?

Jester of No Court is an elusive fable who riddles the world with anarchist folk punk from his burrow in Jersey City. He is definitely not plotting to annex New York City, Easter PA, and all of Delaware to establish the Anarchist Federation of Greater New Jersey. Why would you ask that?


The Jester has received critical acclaim from every demon who has ever stopped to challenge him to a musical duel. He has released two albums, Reduce the Size of Government and Break Up the Banks and is reworking his most recent collection of singles as part of an upcoming album.

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Jester of No Court playing at Freehold Porchfest

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Jester of No Court playing at Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar

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